The information here is mostly historical and moot at this time since ISPs, some  years ago, amazingly discovered that they were, after all,  able to prevent their NNTP (USENET) servers from being used for wholesale child porn publishing.  This page documents some of the battles fought along the way. 

It is notable that a false-christian deceiver, Stephen Adams, was so obsessed with his hatred for me and the truth I teach that he was even willing to try to interfere with a child porn investigation to help his child porn publishing ISP friends who had cooperated with him against me.

Click HERE to read my most recent letter to Senator Helms regarding GTE.NET and their efforts to close down this site.

Click HERE To read my letter to Senator Helms regarding GTE.NET publishing hard core child pornography.

Click HERE To read my letter to Senator Helms regarding IBM.NET publishing hard core child pornography.


Litigation against blatant censorship and religious discrimination. (and legal actions against child porn publishers)

Every ISP that has discriminated against or Steve Winter on behalf of the net trash who have flooded them with frivolous complaints has faced legal action.

There have been no rulings or judgments against Steve Winter or in ANY of the legal actions undertaken by Steve Winter or in these matters.

In spite of the false-christian cultist Stephen Adams and his efforts to protect his child porn publishing buddies from being investigated by sending malicious libel about me to Senator Helm's office; I received the following letters from the good Senator. 

 Click here to view 1996 letter from Senator Helms to Steve Winter           Click here for PDF of letter

Click here to view second 1998 letter from Senator Helms to Steve Winter           Click here for PDF of letter

mea0613a.txt This is another 6/13/98 public reply to Steve Adams where I address some of his frivolous allegations and thank him for his public admission regarding his efforts to use the malicious FAQ to obstruct my attempts to have child porn investigated by a US Senator.

Malicious net trash have convinced individuals at to cancel my account. My account was canceled due to alleged usenet news abuse. I hope this malicious action by GTE.NET will now make them legally responsible for their publishing of hard core child pornography from their usenet servers.

PSINet breached our contract on behalf of some net trash back in December of 1996 by blocking's access to usenet. Many of the details are available at I hope to file a suit against reasonably soon, possibly even naming one of their attorneys as well as a vice president as defendants due to their extorting censorship of an email that showed one of their vice presidents as an accessory to the breach of contract. The email was sent to me in a barrage of harassing email by personnel sympathetic with the net trash. PSInet has also been posting fraudulent charges to my American Express Card.


IBM.NET publishes graphic hard core child pornography.

GTE.NET publishes child pornography but censors preaching.

The PSINet Lawsuit (to be filed soon)

Formal complaint against AT&T


Update: I received a letter from Sen. Helms that he has asked the Justice Dept. to look into the matter of NandoNet publishing illegal child pornography.

Update 11/27/96: Received letter from Sen. Helms with attached response from U. S. Dept of Justice Office of the Deputy Assistant Attorney General regarding the illegal porn obtained from the NandoNet computers stating that it is up to the FBI regarding investigation and prosecution and mentioning various Federal sections of the US code including Title 18 U.S.C s 2252.

We have been the victim of a disinformation campaign, harassment, and fallacious complaints from false christians and general net trash. Several ISPs decided to cooperate with those individuals and cancel my access without cause. The remaining unsettled cases are AT&T Worldnet (where I have filed a complaint with the NC Attorney General against them), and NandoNet.

Within a few days of submitting illegal pornography (obtained as published from NandoNet's local computer) as evidence in the Federal Civil Lawsuit against another ISP, NandoNet (owned by the News & Observer Newspaper) blatantly breached a previous agreement and gave notice that they were canceling our account here for

NandoNet Update 9/96 : The NandoNet suit is temporarily on hold. I have contacted Sen. Helms regarding Nando's publishing of illegal pornography and am waiting for the results before proceeding with the civil re-filing)

Update 10/96 : I have a letter from Senator Jesse Helms dated Sept 12,1996 stating that he has asked the Department of Justice to look into the matter and report their findings to him.

We have another provider now and intend to re-file the suit against NandoNet.

It is notable that the News & Observer (NandoNet) would so openly support a campaign of disinformation, harassment, and religious censorship and cooperate with with the malefactors!

AT&T Complaint Update 9/96: At the recommendation of the NC Dept of Justice, they will handle the false advertising part of the complaint against AT&T and the Civil Rights part of the AT&T complaint has been sent to the US Dept of Justice Civil Rights Division.

AT&T Complaint Update 11/96: The complaint against AT&T has been assigned File Number 9607197 by the NC Dept of Justice and AT&T has failed to reply to the State of North Carolina Dept of Justice as of Nov 5, 1996 __________________

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